Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello All!

The past couple of weeks have been stormy in the bay area.  Crazy rain storms and hail showers, which my babies didn't like. The hail actually teared though the leaves, which I wasn't too thrilled about. So I decided to polytunnel one bed.

Here is a video update!


Also my sprouts that I transplanted are doing wonderful, take a look for yourself!

Hopefully this week I will plant these guys, if the weather is alright! Keep you hands dirty folks!


  1. Looks great, Manny! What's the secret to your fast-growing sprouts? Maybe I need to add a couple more CFLs!

  2. the main thing you want to do is keep moisture in the soil. so if you make a dome out of a water bottle and place it on top of sprouts, you will notice condensation on the inside of the bottle. If you go to my march 20th post, you can see my CFLs that are on top of a plastic dome. you can acquire a tray and dome at local hardware shop.

  3. okay, one more question for ya-- I have a couple domes over my seedlings but it looks like they're acquiring some stringy looking mold/??. Perhaps my soil is TOO moist now?